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Our services are tailored to your needs but centre on managing sustainability risks and opportunities, particularly those related to climate change. We have strategised, trained, quantified, verified, studied, and standardised all manners of sustainability issues. Let us help you.


Our projects are diverse from greenhouse gas quantification of new technologies to regulatory development and fund management. Take a look at what we've done.


We have a variety of clients. Small enterprises looking to optimise their carbon assets.  Large organisations wanting to understand climate risks. Regulators needing to design stringent but practical regulations. Come take a look at who we work with.


ABOUT US is a professional services company that specialises in developing solutions to challenges that involve economics and energy. Most of our services lie in the area of climate change, one nexus of environmental and financial decision making.

We focus on solutions that are practical, efficient, and effective. We understand that doing business no longer involves just the bottom line, it is more than the bottom line. Business issues today are global in scope, combine soft and hard solutions, and require technical expertise. We do that. We are that.

This website describes some of our services, experiences, and thought pieces. Keep in mind that we do not have “off the shelf” solutions because we don’t have “off the shelf” clients. Our strength is our ability to adapt, innovate, and communicate.


Calgary , AB, Canada  Tel: +1 (403) 607-7871

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