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ISO 14064-3 Standards Development

Dr. Schuh was a key technical expert in drafting the ISO 14064-3 standards on verification and validation of GHG emissions and removals. She spearheaded the development of the new sections on validation and agreed-upon procedures. She used her experience at Emission Reductions Alberta in conducting hundreds of validations to standardise the process for the standard.

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Low Carbon Fuel Regulations Development

The Canadian Federal Government is developing Clean Fuel Regulations that involves a carbon-based trading system. Environment Canada reached out to Dr. Schuh to advise them on the validation and verification content and mechanisms that could be in the regulations. 

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Carbon Credit Rating Agency

Vivid Economics assembled an international team of experts to develop a initial structure and rating algorithm for a carbon rating agency. Intended for use by trading organisations, this tool will provide the relative Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks associated with carbon credits. Dr. Schuh used her twenty-years of experience in auditing ESG reports and developing audit standards to provide advice on risks. She used her background in computational fluid dynamics and years of spreadsheet modelling to provide advice on the mathematics of the tool.

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Grant Applications - GHG Emission Reductions

For several small start-up entities, Dr. Schuh has provided advice on how to structure and approach funding applications to organisations such as Emission Reductions Alberta (ERA) and Sustainable Development Technologies Canada (SDTC). In addition to approach and content, for complicated processes, she has estimated the GHG emission reductions associated with the project application.

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